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Posted On Jun 21, 2017 11:30:26 AM by JobBOSS Team

When it comes to quoting, a lack of insight into the real-time prices of materials and labor can mean a lack of accuracy in the final estimate. What happens when the final order ends up costing a lot more than planned? Do you lose a customer? Or do you lose your profit? Well from now on, making a margin isn't just a matter of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.


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JobBOSS takes the guesswork out of quotations with nailed down real-time prices  

Seamless integration: Connecting your quoting process with your business and your suppliers means insight into the latest realtime prices of materials, labor costs and services  - so you quote with confidence.  

Guaranteed accuracy: Unit price, total price, total cost and total hours are all automatically calculated as you build your quote, all based on those realtime prices.

Complete transparency: Your customers know exactly how much they'll pay. And you know exactly how much you're on schedule to make.

Zero hassle: No more flicking through catalogues to find the last printed price (it's probably changed anyway). And forget waiting for clarification from the callback that never comes.

Maximum flexibility: Why start from scratch? JobBOSS 12.0 lets you create a quote based on an existing open or closed job, make modifications to an existing quote, and even import a bill of material from a CAD drawing.

Customer satisfaction: Automatic integration with Exact Synergy CRM lets you build a detailed picture of each customer so you can deliver a better, more personalised service.

Start creating accurate quotes based on the realtime prices of labour and materials with JobBOSS 12.0



Topics: ERP, Manufacturing, JobBOSS 12.0, JobBOSS, Quoting