Are You Running Your Shop at Full Capacity?

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Posted On Mar 28, 2016 9:00:00 AM by JobBOSS Team

What is my shop’s real capacity and how is it determined by JobBOSS?

Capacity in any manufacturing company is a critical part in determining the answer to the big question, “when can the customer’s order ship?” JobBOSS provides a systematic way to help manage a shop’s capacity. JobBOSS has the ability to prevent important work centers from being overloaded with jobs. While a shop’s capacity is important, JobBOSS monitors a combination of critical factors and provides confidence in promising deliveries to customers.capacity-01.png

What is my Shop’s utilization percentage and how is that managed by JobBOSS?

As manufacturing becomes more competitive, everyone is looking for an edge in the market. In today’s world, managing shop capacity has become increasingly important. However, Customer demand is perpetually changing and proves to be a major problem when scheduling work in the shop. But do not panic! JobBOSS works with ShopBOSS to allow you to drag and drop jobs to level capacity across multiple machines, improving the critical metric of work center utilization. Additionally, with an easy to view dashboard, JobBOSS shows important key indicators, in real time. By providing easy visibility to work loads, JobBOSS with ShopBOSS has the agility to adjust a shop’s capacity, in real time, to ever changing Customer demands. JobBOSS affords decision makers the ability to make advantageous proactive choices rather than reacting too late to costly situations. JobBOSS with ShopBOSS provides shop owners’ the competitive edge to act proactively, instead of reactively.

Is scheduling a competitive advantage for your shop? Watch our customer, Manufacturing Manager from Richard Childress Racing,  Rocky Helms,  share his story about solving scheduling challenges in his shop.  

Watch Customer Story here >> 


Topics: Increase Job Shop Efficiency


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