Introducing JobBOSS 2018!

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Posted On Apr 23, 2018 10:30:00 AM by JobBOSS Team

JobBOSS 2018 gives you more visibility, more flexibility and more control.

Last year, we changed the game with the release of JobBOSS 12.0 – and we told you things would only get better. Well, now they have. Meet new JobBOSS 2018, the latest version of our industry-leading ERP software featuring essential dashboards, longer form fields, a new-look DB Manager, SQL Server 2017 compliance and much more. Watch JobBOSS General Manager Matt Heerey's introduction to JobBOSS 2018. 


Drill into your data

Every day, huge amounts of data pass through your shop. Quotes, costs, labor, sales, you name it…
JobBOSS Jobs Dashboards
New JobBOSS Dashboards crunch the numbers and shows the info you need to know at a glance. Dozens of widgets then give you the option to filter, sort, and display your data making it easy to drill down into job status, quote status and employee efficiency.

Insight you can act on

Dashboards deliver a visual and immediate way to understand your shop’s overall performance in real time, so you can spot issues like late shipments or past-due jobs and take action before they cost you money. 

JobBOSS Quotes Dashboard
And don’t worry about security: you can grant access by role or by widget to stay in control of who sees what. This all comes standard with JobBOSS 2018 – and it’s just the start.

More freedom in form fields

We’ve also increased the number of characters you can enter in some of our most popular fields, giving you a lot more flexibility to follow your preferred naming convention. Want to bring in your part numbers from a CADBOM tree structure? No problem.

Faster, easier upgrades

JobBOSS 2018 now makes it faster, easier and far less painful to upgrade, especially where you’re running JobBOSS on multiple machines. 

JobBOSS Auto Push

With JobBOSS Push, simply download the latest version from the customer portal and install it on your server. Your IT people then run a script to push the update to all users rather than installing manually machine by machine. Don’t have an IT team? Auto Client Installer lets you upgrade in a few clicks without any need for specialist expertise. 


New-look DB Manager

You’ll also see that the JobBOSS DB Manager has been given a major face-lift – and even a new name. The JobBOSS Toolbox makes creating and editing your JobBOSS databases far more intuitive. Those fields you use or change frequently are now faster and easier to access, reducing the time required to take care of database admin so you can focus on your business. And there’s more good news to comeJobBOSS 2018 is now SQL Server 2017 compliant. That means you can get the latest and best out of your SQL server without running into any incompatibility issues. 

Use your Lojic

Finally, JobBOSS 2018 seamlessly integrates with Lojic Dashboards. 

Lojic Dashboards logoLojic offers a more advanced, beautifully clear and h

ighly customizable way of creating and displaying real-time manufacturing data from not only JobBOSS but other applications as well. So you see the big picture, from shop floor to back office.

The connected shop

Connecting multiple data sources like this makes it easy to identify trends, find relationships and spot issues before they turn into expensive mistakes. What’s really great is that you can create dashboards to focus on the areas most important to your business then filter, sort, and display your data with a full set of data widgets. 
Dashboard Display                                                             Image courtesy of MRG Manufacturing

You can even display your dashboards in high resolution on HDTVs or other types of monitor. And because they’re web based, you can view your Lojic Dashboards from anywhere on your mobile devices too.

Meet JobBOSS 2018 in our short product video.



Topics: shop management software, quote to cash, ERP, Software, Manufacturing, Job Shop, dashboards


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