Leaking Profits: Is Your Payroll Method Obsolete?

Posted on Oct 2, 2017 1:43:43 PM by Omar Ghazi

Oh payday! Many of us look toward that end of the week increase in our bank accounts. Although a great feeling, for small businesses it can be a very bittersweet process. Doing payroll could mean opening up that dreaded spreadsheet or pulling out the trusted (or is it?) calculator. And as a business owner, you might ask yourself why you can't just spend that time focusing on growing your business. On top of that there is tax season. You have to ensure you are using the updated forms, and are compliant to all tax changes, tax laws, and tax tables. Pretty soon you may realize that your dream of running a manufacturing business can quickly turn into a nightmare of paperwork. If this sounds like your business, then we have some great news for you! We can help you take back control! We are excited to announce an exciting new integration that is live as of today. JobBOSS has partnered with Red Wing Software to integrate their CenterPoint Payroll system directly with JobBOSS!

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