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Posted On Mar 31, 2016 2:07:00 PM by Kaila Berg

Our popular eBook 9 Common Questions that Keep Job Shop Owners Up at Night and Answers to Help You Sleep Better is packed with answers, practical tips, and advice for small manufacturers looking to improve their business. The seventh question addressed in the eBook is: How Can I Avoid Cost Over-Runs?


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Imagine if you had insight into shop floor activity so that you knew what each employee is working on. With insight like this you could precisely monitor labor hours, manage performance, and create higher margins of profitability. Comparing labor and material estimates to actual costs in real-time allows you to make resource adjustments and minimize over-runs. And, by knowing which employees are most efficient on various types of work, you can evaluate employee performance and manage efficiency. 

The solution is simple. JobBOSS Data Collection works the way your employees do. Employees can enter data directly by using keyboards, bar-code scanners, computer monitors, and touch screens, in order to reduce and eliminate data entry errors. Because the mobile software can be installed on devices such as a Tablet or a SmartPhone, employees can move from work center to work center, collecting data on the shop floor without missing a beat.

Quit spending money on unnecessary cost over-runs, and start creating higher profits. 

 Ask yourself, can you do all of the following with ease?

  • Manage work assignments based on material and operator availability, and schedule employee work hours online
  • Choose options for breaks, overtime, or holiday pay
  • View drawings and other attachments online, when and where you need the information
  • Reduce scrap and rework
  • Notify purchasing of any part shortages
  • Transfer time and attendance data to JobBOSS or QuickBooks Payroll automatically
  • Move completed parts to finished goods inventory, or between inventory locations
  • Eliminate hard-to-read handwritten shop cards and time tickets

If you can't, take a look at JobBOSS Data Collection to eliminate manual data entry and ensure accurate job costs. 

 Download the Common Questions eBook to learn more now!


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Topics: job shop business guides, Increase Job Shop Efficiency


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