Job-Based ERP = Complete Flexibility and Control

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Posted On Jan 23, 2018 1:16:13 PM by JobBOSS Team

According to a recent third party study, “28% of manufacturers report being unable to serve their customers as well as they would like due to a lack of functionality in their ERP system.

Job-based ERP flexibility comes built in, along with the capability to take a quote directly to a job within seconds - including the traveler to begin the job on the spot. JobBOSS is unparalleled in its ability to handle changes on the fly. Part information, deliveries, routings, bill of material information, whatever… JobBOSS keeps those changes specific to the individual job. No need to create a whole new job and no permanent changes to your part master. Need to add a new prospect or a new item? No problem, since you can do it without the hassle of creating an item master first.


Do you want to learn more about how a job based ERP such as JobBOSS can benefit your business? Watch our short demo.

Watch our short demo here >>


Topics: ERP, Manufacturing, Job Shop, Shop Management Solutions


Manufacturing Dream Shop. 5 Steps to yours.

5 Steps to Your Dream Shop

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On-premise or hosted software; job-based shop management system for custom, mixed-mode and service manufacturers focused in metal fabrication, rubber/plastics and machine building industries.

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