DASCO Undergoes Dramatic Transformation With Exact Online JobBOSS

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Posted On May 12, 2015 12:34:29 PM by Mike Stadelman

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DASCO was able to greatly improve their business with Exact Online JobBOSS in the cloud.

Exact JobBOSS presents a unique opportunity for your business. With it, you can change many of your processes to become incredibly efficient and competitive, even if you're a small job shop with only a handful of employees. The software allows you to find areas where you can make improvements and helps you do more in less time. With increased efficiencies, you can hire new employees and take on new projects that you previously wouldn't consider. However, don't take our word for it. We checked in with one of our customers who is currently implementing Exact Online JobBOSS, our cloud software. Their experience has been nothing short of transformative.

Cutting things up
DASCO Welded Products is one of our newest customers. A custom metal fabricator based in Waterbury, Connecticut, the shop has been in business for more than 23 years and has a baker's dozen on its staff. They focus on repair and modification, fabrication and equipment design. Wet benches, drying ovens, fish cleaning stations and handling carts are some of the things they've made. Their shop is filled with the standard tools of the trade, including conventional machine tools, saws, CNC and laser cutters. They work with titanium, stainless steel and Inconel among many other metal alloys.

Despite all this advanced equipment, DASCO's processes were very much rooted in the last century. When orders came in, employees would simply go to work without giving much thought or a plan for making the products. Visibility was so bad that they needed to conduct daily meetings just to figure out where a product was located in the production process. Customers would never know how far along their order was. More seriously, everyone was using spreadsheets for everything from inventory to customer info. The shop needed to improve visibility and operations, and quickly.

Bringing everything together
Realizing they needed enterprise resource planning software, DASCO did their homework, settling on Exact Online JobBOSS because of its low cost and zero need for new hardware in the shop. They immediately began working with an Exact JobBOSS consultant to help make the transition from stale spreadsheets to automation very quickly. Among the things they're now able to do is route orders, making it possible for them to apply lean manufacturing principles for a more efficient operation.

"Exact Online JobBOSS helped quintuple DASCO's production rate."

While they're nowhere near finished with their implementation, DASCO has already seen dramatic changes that have benefited them greatly. At the start of implementation, their turnaround time was 20 days, with a production rate of 10 jobs per month. Within five months, the completion period halved, while they were able to quintuple their production output. Other benefits appeared as well: They were able to reduce overtime by 120 man-hours, presenting $7,000 in monthly savings and new hiring opportunities. They also realized they were severely underpricing their jobs. Despite increasing the price tag, however, they were able to not only retain and gain customers, but also recover those that left them.

Not every ERP implementation will be as wildly successful as DASCO's, of course. However, you can be certain that with Exact Online JobBOSS in the cloud, you'll have a chance at turning your business into something completely different and better.

For more information on DASCO's success story with Exact Online JobBOSS in the cloud, check out their case study today.

Topics: ERP Software Integration


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