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Posted On Dec 10, 2015 8:14:00 AM by Mike Stadelman

JobBOSS Launches Integration with KnowledgeSync

1-207Are you tired of being last to know? KnowledgeSync Event Manager is a robust business activity monitoring solution with alerts and custom reports that ensure the right people are doing the right things at the right time. By acting as a personal assistant that keeps watch on endless details, provides reports and updates as they are needed, and alerts you to critical business issues and opportunities, this integration will keep you on top and in control of your business, even when you are out of the shop. The combination of Event Management and Shop Management allows JobBOSS to keep watch on the things that matter most when running a successful job shop. 

"We have been an JobBOSS user for over 15 years and are excited to integrate KnowledgeSync Event Manager into our JobBOSS shop management system.  We expect to get immediate value and reduce production timelines with the intelligent alerts and inventory monitoring." 
- Mark Bringle, Technical Sponsorship and Marketing Director at Joe Gibbs Racing

Expand Your Workforce Capacity

KnowledgeSync Event Manager includes over 20 pre-configured alerts with the option to add customized alerts to gain full control over any application selected to be monitored.  From sending email notifications, creating custom reports, or improving customer service by automatically managing touch-points, this add-on module will be your dedicated assistant who watches over the business and warns you about conditions that require your attention.

KnowledgeSync Key Benefits

  1. Real-time activity monitoring
  2. Workforce multiplier that automates dozens of administrative tasks
  3. Automatic alerts trigger the distribution of various reports, emails, and invoices
  4. Positive ROI in weeks or even days

The Bottom-Line

Businesses always see a positive return on investment with KnowledgeSync – usually in just a matter of weeks. For some businesses, it pays for itself by catching a single sales opportunity that may have otherwise slipped by. Sometimes the most valuable information you can get out of your ERP system is not about what did happen  but what didn’t happen. Even in its simplest application of running scheduled reports, KnowledgeSync saves time and money, increases efficiency and removes burden from office staff. These tasks are also completed with greater accuracy, reliability and consistency than any other option available.


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Read the official press release via Business Wire.

Topics: ERP Software Integration


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