Exact JobBoss earns the top manufacturing ERP rating in recent academic study

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Posted On Jun 15, 2015 7:55:04 AM by Mike Stadelman

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Industrial engineering students at Binghamton University evaluated 20 ERP software solutions and found Exact JobBoss to be the most well-rounded.

A group of industrial engineering students at Binghamton University's Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science just made your manufacturing ERP evaluation process easier.

In a detailed evaluation of 20 material requirements planning software programs conducted for a metal fabrication company based in New York, Exact JobBoss stood out as the most well-rounded solution compared to other competitors in the market.

Tom Crowley, president of Crowley Fabricating & Machining, told Modern Metals that his company was in need of a thorough analysis of competing ERP software providers. The business has roughly 30 employees with accounts across a variety of industries and needed a solution with a high level of flexibility and customization.

"Exact JobBoss stood out as the most well-rounded ERP solution."

Crowley teamed with Binghamton University students to set the record straight as to which manufacturing ERP solution was the best fit for its business needs. The verdict proves that Exact JobBoss is the industry leader for companies that require a complete ERP solution that's flexible to various business models and consistent in its ability to automate workflows.

Let's take a closer look at the results of the students' analysis:

JobBoss is a truly complete ERP software platform
Of the 20 ERP solutions the students examined, Exact JobBoss offered the most comprehensive list of features. The Binghamton University group looked at other products that offered a patchwork of services designed for specific use cases, but only Exact JobBoss had the kind of modular approach that can adapt to different customer needs. That totality of features appealed to Crowley, who said his employees often needs to adjust its processes to work with both large and small customers.

Exact JobBoss is flexible and efficient
No other ERP solution was quite as dynamic as Exact JobBoss. A large part of the students' analysis had to do with evaluating flexibility and the ease with which users can make last-minute changes to scheduling. Exact JobBoss stood out for its electronic scheduling features that don't lock businesses into tasks once placed into the system.

Even the technology itself factors in room for improvement. Timely code releases and module updates keep Exact JobBoss competitive and up-to-speed with new industry developments.

Read the full report on the Binghamton University analysis to learn more why Exact JobBoss is the industry leader for small-business ERP manufacturing solutions.

Click here for additional information and a recommendation on the Exact JobBOSS solution that may be best suited for your manufacturing business.

Topics: shop management software, job shop business guides, Increase Job Shop Efficiency


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