Is Your Pricing Accurate?

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Posted On Mar 24, 2016 11:42:15 AM by Meredith Atkinson

Our popular eBook 9 Common Questions that Keep Job Shop Owners Up at Night and Answers to Help You Sleep Better is packed with answers, practical tips, and advice for small manufacturers looking to improve their business. The sixth question addressed in the eBook is: How Can I get the Price Right Each and Every Time?



Changes in the manufacturing industry have impacted the ability of SMB manufacturers to get their prices right. As high as 9% of all contracts end up with a negative margin due to wrong cost estimates. If you’re a small job shop – that can take a serious toll on your bottom line. Working with smaller margins means you are more heavily impacted when cost estimates are not accurate.

It’s also likely that in the recent years your customers have changed to smaller series, but on a more frequent basis. This means that your response to customers has to be faster, with less time to wonder if your price is accurate. With JobBOSS Cost Analysis you have a robust cost analysis tool and reports for both completed jobs and work-in-progress, ensuring you know what every job costs and whether or not you have made a profit. You will always be confident in your ability to capture labor time correctly, log material costs back to each job, and know if you are making or losing money on any job. JobBOSS Cost Analysis is also a convenient tool for any repeat orders you have. Re-quoting allows for a quick analysis of cost and profitability trends

Now you can know how profitable each job is – at any time!

To learn more about how you can get the price right each and every time with JobBOSS Cost Analysis, visit our website page on Cost Analysis!


 Download the Common Questions eBook to learn more now!


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Topics: job shop business guides, Increase Job Shop Efficiency


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