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Posted On Apr 2, 2018 4:17:23 PM by JobBOSS Team


We've already seen how JobBOSS makes accuratquoting faster and easier, eliminating the delays that lose business. Now, we're going to take a look at how JobBOSS helps you master one of the most challenging, frustrating, and headache-inducing tasks you ever have to deal with. Yep, getting your job scheduling to run smoothly can often feel like mission impossible.

Can you schedule what you can't predict?

Say you work on all kinds of different kinds of jobs from one week to the next. Well, variety might be the spice of life, but it doesn't help scheduling any. How can you plan in work if you're not quite sure what’s on the way? And sometimes you need to figure out how to actually make something before you go ahead. But how can you possibly even think about scheduling it in?

New business, new problems?

Then there's the fact that we all love to say yes, yes, yes to new business. But hold on a second. Because have you got any idea what impact that latest hot job will have on your existing work in progress? Let's face it. “I'm sure we'll squeeze it in somehow” doesn't really cut it in the age of technology.

Smooth operator? You wish…

While we all dream of a nice smooth workflow, we know the world doesn't work like that. Workflow can fluctuate by job type, capacity and those last-minute customer changes we all know and love. Or what about different stages of a job slipping off schedule and holding up the rest of the process?

Ebbs and flows

The result? One part of your shop is submerged by work, while another lounges by the pool (metaphorically speaking). But then a few days later, it can be the exact opposite. It makes you want to tear your hair out. And it makes it extremely difficult to maximize machinery utilization.

You never know what's around the corner

Truth is, with so many possible obstacles waiting to ambush your planning you might ask if it's even possible to create an effective scheduling system in the first place. Yet without one you end up paying unnecessary overtime, or being unable to say for sure when orders are going to ship, or always playing catch-up, or…something.

We’ve got the answer

Well, we hear you. And JobBOSS can help you. That's because it comes loaded up with a whole suite of smart scheduling options that keep your shop floor running nice and smoothly. And it's flexible enough and powerful enough to deal with global scheduling, single job scheduling and job splits. So whatever kind of shop you run and whatever kind of sector you're in, we help you make those problems with planning the future… a thing of the past.


Visibility into load vs. capacity

A simple, visual dashboard quickly shows which areas on your floor are busy and which have capacity to spare, all in real-time. This kind of insight instantly shifts your scheduling from reactive to proactive.

You're back in control

It gives you the capability to spot the danger of bottlenecks in good time. Quickly respond to customer requests. Handle changes on the fly, say when an order suddenly takes priority status for whatever reason. Take on the right jobs at the right times. See how new orders and change orders affect your work load. All from one ultra-clear scheduling screen. In other words, it makes you the boss again.

Drag and drop jobs

An automated whiteboard lets you schedule or reschedule jobs by dragging and dropping them to different days or different work centers. Just received a request for an estimate for a potential ship date? So experiment with ‘what-if’ scenarios to explore the impact of changes before actually committing.

Expand your capabilities with ShopBOSS

Add on the ShopBOSS Advanced Scheduler module and you gain even more control over both short- and long-term planning by drilling down to a minute by-minute or hour-by-hour view of your production schedule. Showing material availability to see if you can take on a last-minute emergency job. And dealing with the constant change of a typical job shop: employees not showing up / machines going down / hot jobs coming in… you name it.

Your wake up call

OK, OK, you're probably on a schedule so let's wrap things up. Thing is, you might have thought effective scheduling was a distant dream. Well, this has been your wake up call. JobBOSS is the new reality and the benefits go far beyond eliminating the need to explain a delayed shipment date to a key customer. Maximize capacity, efficiency and profit. Eliminate bottlenecks. Make sure employees and jobs and deliveries stay on time. And keep your customers coming back.

Want to know more? Watch our short customer story about job scheduling here. 

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Topics: ERP, Manufacturing, Job Shop, Shop Management Solutions, Scheduling


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