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Posted On Jun 8, 2017 9:38:57 AM by JobBOSS Team

Run a small manufacturing shop? So no surprises if you feel like it’s a long and winding road as you contemplate the journey from quote to cash. A fast, accurate quote is the key to getting a job off to the best possible beginning. So you'd think most manufacturers have got it down to a fine art, right?

Delays lose business

Wrong. Fact is, too many shops still stumble at the very first hurdle. Delays in putting together a quote can nip new business in the bud. And some don't even start the journey at all. Get this for a stat: small manufacturers walk away from 11% of all RFPs for the simple reason they can't deliver a quote on time*. It's costing them billions.

No integration, no insight

So what's going on here? Well, it doesn't help that even in the 21st century, quoting often remains disconnected from the rest of the business. But these days you need to rely on more than a strong hunch or a long lunch. This lack of integration equals a lack of insight. Insight into the real-time prices of materials, for example, or labor costs or current capacity. We still see quotes based on information stored in people's minds instead of online. Calculations worked out on the back of an envelope or, at best, in Excel. Historic estimates saved in folders on local drives, external servers, or, yep, on paper. The outcome is obvious. Everything takes far more time than it needs to. And then, when it's finally finished, chances are it isn't even so accurate.
So what can make the difference?

Our latest research** shows that getting prices right is becoming a major headache for SME manufacturers. And as far as they're concerned, the answer lies in gaining real-time insight into material prices (53%), better calculation models (38%) and converting quotations into shop orders more efficiently (28%).

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JobBOSS 12.0 gives you what you're looking for

JobBOSS 12.0 makes it fast and easy to put together accurate quotes time after time. Real easy, in fact. And real fast. All you have to do is select the fields you want to include: routing steps, materials, sub-assemblies and components, multiple part numbers…

Quote smart

As you go, unit price, total price, total cost and total hours are all automatically calculated. Not only that, but JobBOSS remembers the parts you quote so next time around you just need to copy them in. To make your life even easier, material calculators display the number of parts produced per unit of material, as well as the real-time cost of materials and sub-contract purchases.

Stay on track

Access to the latest figures doesn't depend on finding that note you scribbled on last week, or  relying on a colleague’s memory (which isn't what it once was). So profitability is no longer a matter of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. You know your submitted bids are competitive, while providing the margin to keep your business in the black.

Flexibility on the fly

With JobBOSS 12.0 you can also create a quote based on an existing open or closed job. Make modifications to an existing quote. Heck, even import a bill of material from a CAD design. Need to add a prospect on the fly? No problem. Because you don't have to go through the hassle of creating an item master first.

Easy from start to finish

OK, so once you're done you can then use the ‘What-If’ option to compare the quote against your current job schedule. All set? Simply fax or email it directly from your computer to your customer. But that's not the end, because JobBOSS 12.0 lets you track the status of each quote. It even reminds you when it's time to follow up. After all, you've got enough on your plate right?

Happy quoting

And there you have it. Quoting made fast, accurate and easy with JobBOSS 12.0. Yes, your customers know what they're going to pay. But more than that, you have an accurate forecast of the profit you're on track to make. Suddenly, the road to profit doesn't seem quite as long and winding as it used to.


Topics: quote to cash, ERP, Manufacturing, Job Shop, Shop Management Solutions, Quoting


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