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Posted On Dec 17, 2015 9:33:41 AM by Mike Stadelman

Operating a small manufacturing business is hard work, and operating at peak efficiency and productivity is a real challenge. It requires staying on top of endless details.  Is that even possible in a small shop where chaos is the norm and everyone wears multiple hats?  The short answer is Yes. A Business Activity Monitoring system (BAM) that combines business intelligence, alerts and workflows to keep everyone informed, and you on top of your business may be just what you need to unlock the untapped potential of your shop.  Is BAM right for you? Well, ask yourself these four questions...

Am I capturing all of my shop's revenue? 

Exact JobBOSS, combined with KnowledgeSync BAM will monitor your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases and provide automatic notifications for wins and losses, total revenue across a certain period, sales for a certain customer, and any other metric your company needs. KnowledgeSync ensures you are on top of customer and sales data that keeps your business moving.

Is my shop running efficiently?

Wondering if one of your workstations aren’t running or if employees didn’t log in today? Sometimes the most valuable information you can get out of your shop management system isn’t about what did happen – but what didn’t happen. A customer who has stopped buying from you. A stock item that hasn’t sold in weeks. A project that has had no activity this month. These kinds of conditions – or “inactivity monitoring” – is precisely what KnowledgeSync does, so your staff doesn’t have to. KnowledgeSync watches the workflow in your shop and ensures you are in the loop.

Are my customers satisfied?

Let’s face it - you are busy. But adding a personal touch and letting your customers know they can rely on you is just as important as fulfilling their orders. You can send “thank you” emails after a quote and automatically send notifications when jobs have shipped. Your customers will be so impressed with your service they will think you have an entire customer support team in your shop.

Who is going to manage all of my shop's invoices?

Keeping your A/R and A/P data electronically is important; keeping watch over it and taking the right action on it is even more important. KnowledgeSync does the watching and acting for you; whether it’s emailing overdue invoices to clients, texting your cell phone about an expiring discount, or putting a delinquent client on credit hold, it’s all done automatically – so you don’t have to.

If you answered yes to one, or more, of these questions then you are likely in need of an Business Activity Monitoring solution. KnowledgeSync has the robust capability to complete these tasks with greater accuracy, reliability and consistency than any other option. Additionally, KnowledgeSync Event Manager is the key to tackling business challenges, decreasing costs, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction, and ultimately growing your business.

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Topics: KnowledgeSync Event Manager, Business Activity Monitoring


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