Last orders for the mighty Excel?

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Posted On Feb 6, 2017 9:36:53 AM by Kaila Berg

Software systems are becoming more powerful, integrated and intuitive. Even so, most manufacturers of metal products continue to use Excel for the day-to-day accounting. But why stick with software that’s getting left behind in the age of connectivity?

Order costing and profitability

Take the visibility of processes on the shop floor, for example. If they aren’t directly connected to the rest of your operation, from orders and planning to quantities and status, the current status of any given shop order is anybody’s guess. But how much insight does Excel provide?

The source of the matter

Are you meeting delivery commitments? And if an order is on time, is it staying on budget? How do actual costs compare to estimates? That kind of vital, instant insight requires data to be entered at source. We’re talking the capability to send orders to the floor in realtime. And to report back on an order’s progress on the shop floor, again in realtime. Can Excel do that for you?

Excel: the pros

Good old Excel. It allows you to sort and filter information and then display it in a way that people without a PhD in metaphysics can actually understand. Create colourful pie charts. Get to grips with at-a-glance graphs. And transform those endless rows of numbers into useful insights that can add real value to your business.

Excel: the cons

The trouble is, of course, that Excel can’t offer any realtime visibility of the shop floor. It won’t provide insight into margins by shop order, product or customer – which can affect the profitability of an order. And a lack of end-to-end insight makes it far more difficult, if not impossible, to fine-tune processes and optimize profitability.

Discover a better way

So what if there was a better way of controlling your business? One that brought you the best of both worlds. The Excel-style spreadsheet functionality you’re so familiar with. Yet with all the power of an centralized software system that integrates processes and feeds them into a single place. Sounds good?

Try out our savings calculator to see how much money you can save

Check out our new savings calculator to learn more about how much money you can save when you throw out Excel and integrate a shop management system.

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Topics: ERP Software Integration, Software, Manufacturing, Job Shop


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