Laying the Foundation: Building on JobBOSS 12.0

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Posted On May 15, 2017 11:01:39 AM by Logan Paquin

If you own a home, there will come a day (and many more like it) when you will invest both money and sweat equity to improve it and keep it running optimally.

Similar to any home, a software application requires constant maintenance and attention to run at its best. Here at JobBOSS, our suite of software solutions is our ‘home’ we offer to our customers. Data Collection is the garage, JobBOSS Accounting is the office, CAD BOM is the three-season porch, and so on. More important than anything, the core JobBOSS shop management ERP application is the foundation. It includes the concrete, wiring, plumbing and framework that keep everything else intact and the home functioning.

JobBOSS 12.0 is the culmination of a multi-year effort to update the core foundation of our software, further improving the robust platform our customers depend on to run the most important aspects of their business. JobBOSS 12.0 includes enhancements and user experience improvements, but the bulk of the development effort was under the hood, the foundation of the house, the legs it stands on. We embarked on this focus for the 12.0 release to ensure we had a reliable core solution we can continue to update for the next ten years.

Our customers might not see the thousands of hours that went into updating code or the hundreds of screens touched. While some software companies might focus on aesthetics over quality and integrity, we want to make a lasting impact where it counts. Customers might install JobBOSS 12.0 and find the application performs some tasks faster, or that icons and fields have been improved to be more intuitive and consistent. The true impact, however, is in what cannot be seen. Our customers trust us with their shop’s data and management, and we take that trust seriously, which is the reason we are willing to sacrifice the “on-the-surface” showmanship for reliability, quality, and integrity. Our pride comes in knowing that when our customers start up 12.0, it will work, it will help them be more profitable and efficient, and support our mission to provide the best and most flexible shop management software on the market.

Even beyond this major upgrade, we focused on specific enhancements to improve our customer’s JobBOSS experience:

  • Updated theme for JobBOSS and Data Collection
  • Work areas expand by default
  • Popup screens retain their location and size
  • Work area buttons are larger
  • Field labels and icons have been updated for consistency

We also added a visual job status tracker to ShopView, allowing our customers to quickly consume information and understand how each job is progressing on the shop floor. This visual indicator provides immediate feedback on the material, routing, and delivery details on all open jobs.


All of this and more is behind the excitement for JobBOSS 12.0. The ‘more’ involves what is next. The question will always be asked: what is next? What does the roadmap for JobBOSS look like over the next twelve months? Or the next three to five years?

As a Product Manager, this is an exciting question, and one of the driving factors of daily decisions we make. And if JobBOSS 12.0 is the beginning of this next phase, this re-model, what is the end? Well, one of the incredible things about both the software industry and the technological speed at which things change…is there isn’t an end. The decisions made today, to strategically guide us over the next year, might have to change two or three times, just within that year. Market factors, industry trends, customer needs, technological requirements, and a host of other drivers play into this constant re-shaping and adapting our products to best provide the service and software we are known for. Our mission is to always provide the best and most flexible shop management software for our customers, and the key inputs to achieve that in 2017 might be different in 2018. So, while focusing on individual updates and enhancements are critical to both us and our customers, the strategic direction and future planning are where the real excitement lives.

When JobBOSS 12.0 launches after our UNITE 2017 user conference in April, we will have a lot to celebrate. But those celebrations aren’t just for 12.0, or just for April 2017. Looking ahead, building on 12.0 and providing our customers more value on top of that platform with every update is what truly compounds the impact. A great software company always keeps an active pulse on every aspect of keeping their products optimal—including small enhancements, technical maintenance, large projects and bugs—and that is what we intend to continue to bring to our customers. With 12.0 under our belts, we can increase our focus on targeted enhancements and improvements to maximize our customer’s experience and output. JobBOSS exists to ensure manufacturers have a robust, reliable partner to run their business, keep that business running efficiently, and ensure that’s business’s revenues and profits are healthy. This is top of mind every time we make a decision on where to go next.

Whether talking about our next update, or beyond, we will continue to modernize our core technologies to ensure our customers are trusting their businesses to software that will be stable for years and years. We are improving modules that work with JobBOSS, such as payroll, partnering with a company that lives and breathes payroll in the same way we do shop management. We are continuing to modernize our experience, looking for ways to be more consistent throughout modules and screens, allowing our users to navigate more efficiently throughout the product, and targeting enhancements that will improve the usability and applicability in a rapidly changing market. We are completely updating our DC Mobile application, allowing our customers to leverage it on the latest Android, iOS and Windows devices, including tablets and smartphones. Our customers can now access their JobBOSS applications and data in their own true private cloud environment, providing even more security and flexibility to the best shop management solution on the market.

We are evolving to ensure our customers can evolve, and not only keep up, but stay ahead of their own market needs and evolutions. We pride ourselves on providing the best and most flexible ERP solutions for manufacturers, and we will continue to do so, because we are only successful if our customers are successful. We appreciate every JobBOSS customer that has taken this journey with us, and we can’t wait to share in a successful future with you.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.” –Abraham Lincoln


Happy creating.

Logan Paquin
Director of Product Management

Topics: Increase Job Shop Efficiency, ERP, Job Shop, JobBOSS 12.0


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