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Posted On Jun 1, 2017 1:42:29 PM by Mike Stadelman

In today’s technology driven world, and certainly in the world of manufacturing, having a commitment to ongoing learning is a prerequisite for not only success, but ultimately survival.  Whether you choose the carrot (the promise of growth and success) or the stick (the fear of being left behind) we all need motivation and resources to learn new things, every day.

At JobBOSS, one of our 2017 company initiatives is to improve product and industry knowledge to enable maximum individual, team and business performance. It’s addressed at every company meeting and every manager is accountable to lead their teams in ongoing education. Complacency is not an option.  Every person is responsible to embrace this company initiative in their own personal way, specific to their job.  Whether going on a site visit to one of our customers, or writing a presentation delivered to industry peers, this individual learning and collective knowledge is the gas that makes our company innovate and go faster. Our customers benefit in countless ways through the passion and brilliance we put into delivering the most flexible customer-centric shop management solution for manufacturers.

In addition, JobBOSS is committed to the ongoing learning and success of our customers.  We provide a wealth of resources and training for JobBOSS users to learn at their own pace, using their own personal learning style. Options include: regional classroom training, virtual training, on-demand video tutorials, consultant training, in-product help guides and training database, and an online customer portal with thousands of knowledge base articles.

Many of our fastest growing customers have this same commitment to learning and growth.  One I will call out today is Titans of CNC located  in Northern California.  They recently switched to JobBOSS for their ERP solution. Needing comprehensive shop management software to manage the growth of their aerospace clients, they turned to JobBOSS.  Travis Jarrett, production supervisor at Titans of CNC comments on their ramp-up of JobBOSS, “having one software system that integrates every step of the manufacturing process, gives us visibility and control of our entire shop”.

While the move to JobBOSS, a job-based system versus a parts-based system is not unusual, what is remarkable is their commitment to educating the next generation of manufacturing professionals.

Educating and inspiring the next generation of manufacturing talent.

Titan Gilroy, CEO of Titans of CNC visited a fellow JobBOSS shop, MRS Machining and their local high school that MRS sponsors/mentors.  The in-school manufacturing trades program, called Cardinal Manufacturing provides students hands-on experience in a machine shop producing real parts.


Watch the video of Titan’s visit to see how MRS Machining is inspiring students at Cardinal Manufacturing to embrace manufacturing as a career choice.  In 2017, we granted Cardinal Manufacturing JobBOSS software to give their students the practical experience using shop management software that will accelerate their careers upon graduation.

In late 2016, Titan Gilroy launched the Titans of CNC Academy, a free, on-line learning center that contains thousands of videos, 3D models, workshops and learning modules.  Yes, free.  This amazing resource can open the minds of young students and non-manufacturing professionals to discover and be inspired by a career in manufacturing.  We all know about the talent gap in manufacturing today; in a real and impactful way, Titan is doing something about it with the Academy.

At JobBOSS, our commitment to leaning and growth never ends. And we are proud to join our customers Titans of CNC and MRS Machining in bringing up the next generation of manufacturing talent that will ensure American manufacturing is vibrant, strong and equipped for the future.



Mike Stadelman
Director of Marketing
JobBOSS. Shop management solutions.

Topics: ERP, Manufacturing, Titans of CNC, JobBOSS, Shop Management Solutions


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