Use your Lojic: JobBOSS 2018 integrates with Lojic Dashboards!

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Posted On May 3, 2018 9:00:00 AM by JobBOSS Team

If you’ve already checked out JobBOSS 2018, you’ll know that new dashboards come standard. By clearly displaying essential real-time job, quote, and efficiency data, they provide a powerful view of what’s going on in your shop.  But you also have the option to take things to a whole new level, because JobBOSS 2018 also seamlessly integrates with advanced Lojic Dashboards.




Make the most out of every system
Lojic is a highly customizable web-based analytics and business intelligence tool. The beauty with Lojic is that you have the capability to create and display real-time dashboards not only from JobBOSS ERP, but other applications as well. Production, QA, financials… you name it. With Lojic, you equip yourself with valuable insights into your manufacturing data  – from the shop floor to the back office.

Early warning system
Connecting multiple data sources makes it easy to spot trends, identify relationships and fix issues before they turn into expensive mistakes. And what’s really great is the fact you can create dashboards to focus on the areas that matter most to your business, then take advantage of a full set of data widgets to filter, sort, and display your data.

Information you can act upon
What does that mean in practice? Well, let’s start with the way Lojic Dashboards make it easy to stay on top of efficiency and quality. By viewing and analyzing your data by work center, date, part, or manufacturing order, you can quickly pull out any issues at a high level then drill down to find out what’s going on.

Trap your scrap
You can also keep tabs on all your work orders to see how they’re performing against scheduled start, end, and due dates. That way you can quickly identify any late orders and push them through. Again, you can filter data by date, work center, or product. Lojic Dashboards can even track scrap across department, part,  or employee, making it easy to spot the main causes for scrap as well as which orders have the highest scrap values or percentages.


Keep everyone on the same page
If you’re tired of emailing spreadsheets back and forth and losing track of who’s working off which version, here’s the answer. Sharing your dashboards with Lojic is as easy as opening up your web browser, so you and your team can view and analyze the same data at the same time. Don’t worry about unwanted viewers  – it’s as secure as it is straightforward. Built-in user accounts and Active Directory authentication keep you in control of who has access to what data.

Take your data with you

shopfloor ok to use 1

With Lojic Dashboards you have a wide range of charting options to bring all that data to life and make your reports and presentations look ultra-professional. You can even display your dashboards in high res on HDTVs or other types of monitors. And because they’re web based, you can view your Lojic Dashboards from anywhere on your mobile devices, too.

You can get your dashboards up and running your shop’s data in minutes, not months – and there’s no need for any IT expertise.

Meet Lojic Dashboards in our short introduction video.




Topics: shop management software, Software, Manufacturing, Job Shop, business analytics, customizable dashboards, track scrap


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