Not all manufacturing ERP systems are created equal

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Posted On Sep 7, 2017 9:25:13 AM by JobBOSS Team

If you're a manufacturer interested in an ERP system, what should you be looking for? Well, think big. Beyond the software itself, a true end to end solution will also include the capability to customize functionality to meet the needs of your individual business. And let's not forget the training, support and monitoring that can play a critical role in meeting your objectives. Hmmm. Sounds familiar...

From sending the quote to receiving the cash

JobBOSS is the complete shop management solution that keeps you in control every step of every job from quote to cash. Materials management, costings, order processing, shop floor control, shipping, accounting…you name it.

Every piece of the puzzle
Then there are the add-on Advanced Modules that extend your capabilities to meet your precise needs. And let’s not forget all the training and support you need to maximize return on your investment: on-demand lessons, virtual instructor-led classes, regional classes, beginner, advanced… whatever works for you.  

Developed to provide the most flexible shop management
JobBOSS 12.0 is the next step in our mission to provide the best and most flexible shop management software out there. But while it’s quicker, more intuitive and more consistent, we put the focus where it really matters.

It's what's inside that counts
In delivering a stronger and more flexible platform, JobBOSS 12 will support and grow with your business more effectively than ever. JobBOSS 12 now allows faster development. Quicker releases.  And integration with a wider spectrum of best-in-class software partners. This capability to quickly incorporate incremental enhancements over time now ensures you continue to benefit from the most flexible ERP shop management software on the market – both now and in the future.

The foundations for success
To use a metaphor, the house of JobBOSS has just completed a foundational upgrade. New wiring, plumbing, bug extermination, paint job, landscaping…you name it. With this structural upgrade under our belts, we are now ready to increase our focus on targeted enhancements and improvements to optimize your shop, maximize efficiencies and maintain healthy profits.


Topics: Increase Job Shop Efficiency, ERP, Job Shop, JobBOSS 12.0


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