Where am I Losing Money?

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Posted On Mar 14, 2018 3:36:09 PM by JobBOSS Team

Our popular eBook 9 Common Questions that Keep Job Shop Owners Up at Night and Answers to Help You Sleep Better is packed with answers, practical tips, and advice for small manufacturers looking to improve their business. The ninth question addressed in the eBook is: Which of my jobs are most profitable and where am I losing money?

9CommonQuestions.pngAs a small business owner, you know that you can’t just hope for profitability, you count on it to survive. Can you confidently say you are able to report on your profitability at any point during the month? If not, JobBOSS has the answer for you! JobBOSS has powerful cost analysis tools and reports for both completed and work-in-progress jobs.

There are a variety of reasons each job may have different results, staff, material costs, outside services, etc. It is critical to isolate actuals to estimates on each job and isolate issues in progress so they are not repeated. With JobBOSS you will know exactly what jobs cost so you can increase profit JobBOSS customer, Bryco Machine said “In just three years profits have increased, sales have doubled, and productivity has skyrocketed.”  Get your business booming with JobBOSS Cost Reporting today!

With Cost Reporting, you can:

  • Compare estimates vs. actuals hours and costs, for any job, and at any point in the month

  • Maintain part history information for each time you have run a specific part

  • Analyze profitability by customer

  • Bid competitively and profitably

  • Understand your overall costs and grow your business

Know where you are making money effortlessly with JobBOSS Cost Reporting.

 Download the Common Questions eBook to learn more now!


Topics: job shop business guides, Increase Job Shop Efficiency, labor productivity, employees productivity


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