Straight Talk, Straight from the Top – Purchase of Exact by funds advised by Apax Partners Spells Opportunity for Exact JobBOSS.

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Posted On Mar 9, 2015 11:33:18 AM by Matt Heerey

Company leadership is excited and committed to the future of Exact JobBOSS

In his open letter to JobBOSS customers and prospects, Exact CEO Erik van der Meijden shares his optimism and commitment to Exact JobBOSS.  I encourage you to read Erik’s description of Exact’s strategy and vision for continued investment in Exact JobBOSS. Here’s an excerpt:

“That means continuing to invest in Exact JobBOSS as the leading on-premise and hosted ERP solution for small to medium manufacturers.”

I’d like to add a bit of context and my own commentary regarding this exciting time for Exact JobBOSS. Whenever there is a shake-up in a marketplace, there are always going to be differing perspectives and opinions voiced.   So it isn’t surprising that our competitors would latch on to exciting announcements like the acquisition of Exact as an opportunity to cast doubt about our future.  We saw similar “chatter” pick up a few months ago when we launched our cloud ERP offering Exact Online JobBOSS.  As with many tales spun by nervous competitors, the reverse is true.

 “Is the demise of the JobBOSS product really in the works? “, “is Exact still investing in the development of JobBOSS?”  We hear these questions not only from competitors, but also from our customers and prospective customers.  The reality is… the Exact JobBOSS development team has grown over the last 12 months and the overall Exact JobBOSS team continues to grow in 2015.

The recent launch of Exact Online JobBOSS enables Exact JobBOSS to provide the market with the most versatile array of solutions and deployment methods available.  Whatever a job shop needs in terms of functionality, technology deployment and licensing models, we now serve that need.  These options include on-premise software, pure cloud, hosted, perpetual licensing, 12 and 36 month subscription licensing, and monthly cloud subscriptions. Our strategy isn’t about taking away options, it is about adding to existing.  Addition, not subtraction.  More companies are looking to cloud, and we want to lead in that area and serve them well.  We also remain focused on continuing to provide an industry-leading on-premise solution in JobBOSS to those companies that want software on their server, at their site, or hosted off-site.  We have a full and ambitious product roadmap ahead of us for the Exact JobBOSS product.

With the recent acquisition of Exact by funds advised by Apax Partners, and their clearly stated vison to support Exact’s strategy, the future is indeed bright.

Fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) are tools of opportunity in any competitive market.  I’m here to tell you that Exact JobBOSS isn’t going anywhere but upward and forward. 

Matt Heerey

General Manager / Managing Director

Exact JobBOSS


Topics: shop management software


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