The Benefits of Implementing Key Performance Indicators and Improving Operational Efficiency in a Job Shop

Topics: Job Shop Key Performance Indicators

Posted On Oct 18, 2013 2:36:00 PM by Dave Lechleitner


A quote often attributed to Albert Einstein says that, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again,yet expecting different results.” Everyone falls into this trap at one time or another, but in the business world indulging in this thinking can quickly lead to failure. Even if you hit a sweet spot early on and have been going off of intuition for years, you can’t afford to take chances any more in today’s business climate. Repeating what worked previously is only effective for so long.

Smart business people – job shop owners included – should have a strategic view of their business, and use a consistent set of key performance indicators to measure the performance of their business. If you are like most job shop owners, your shop is probably one of the most important parts of your life – providing income for your family today, employment for your staff, and a lasting legacy for generations to come. You can’t afford to be anything but smart when it comes to developing your company.

There is one way to set your job shop apart from all the others out there. It can take time, and might require that you seek outside assistance, but it is doable. To enable your shop to function at peak performance, and thereby improve the satisfaction of your customers, you need to focus on improving your operational efficiency. Developing a strategic view of your shop, and establishing key performance indicators that you can consistently measure and improve upon, will give you the tools you need to take your shop to the next level. Once you discover what it is your shop does best, the things your customers recognize and seek you out for, and the way to improve upon those strengths, you become irreplaceable. You stand out to your customers in a way that your competition cannot match.

Exact JobBOSS, the leading shop management software provider for manufacturing job shops, is offering a complimentary business guide providing you with an introduction on key performance indicators, and how to develop a strategic view and KPI’s specific to your job shop.  For more in-depth insight make sure to download the guide in its entirety by clicking this.

This business guide is intended for small and medium- sized manufacturing job shops who want to develop a strategic view of their job shop, and establish key performance indicators to consistently measure and improve upon, in order take a job shop to the next level. This business guide is organization into the following three sections:

  • Section 1: Introduction to True Operational Efficiency & Key Performance Indicators- Improving your operational efficiency and your service as a result is a guaranteed way to rise above the competition. This section, focuses on understanding the definition of key performance indicators and true operational efficiency.
  • Section 2: How to Develop a Strategic View of Your Shop- By developing a strategic view of your shop, you can get out of that firefighting mode and into a proactive business approach. This section, provides you with the framework you will need to enable you to begin to consider ways to improve the overall operational efficiency of your shop.
  • Section 3: Developing Key Performance Indicators- Examples, Measuring, Reporting & Increasing ROI- Key performance indicators are ways for you to define and measure the progress your shop is making towards its strategic goals. In this section, you will learn how to define and develop KPI's specific to your job shop, and how to measure and report on KPI's. It also provides you with examples of common KPI's, and resources to ensure that you start off with a strong foundation.

Learn about establishing key performance indicators in your job shop in order to set your job shop apart from all the others by downloading "The Benefits of Implementing Key Performance Indicators and Improving Operational Efficiency in a Job Shop" business guide today.


Topics: Job Shop Key Performance Indicators


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