Why more control over your inventory means more satisfied customers

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Posted On Aug 7, 2017 10:28:41 AM by JobBOSS Team

A lack of visibility into your materials and parts is like doing business in the dark. Not sure what you have in stock, what’s on order or when it's due? You're risking a hit on your reputation as well as your profits. So if that’s the case with your shop,  you need to take a quick look at JobBOSS Material and Inventory Control.

100% visibility. 100% control.

JobBOSS sheds light into every aspect of your raw stock, hardware, supplies, miscellaneous item purchases, outside services…everything. The moment you enter a job you see exactly what you're going to need. When you're going to need it. And if you already have the parts or materials in stock, exactly where you can find them. All displayed on a single screen for ultimate insight.

A better deal all round

JobBOSS makes it easy to group the materials you need for different jobs onto a single purchase order, so you can negotiate better prices from your vendors. And with comprehensive insight into your purchasing history you always know what you can expect to pay. It's a powerful combination that means you can say goodbye to and guesswork, expedited costs and over payments.

Order smart

JobBOSS 12 lets your shop schedule dictate your inventory levels, so you don't waste resources on overstocking or get caught by holding too little inventory. The system tells you when you need to order materials. It can even automatically reorder set quantities when stock hits a specified level. And if you buy materials directly for jobs, JobBOSS automatically factors in lead times to keep everything on track.

Happy customers

Keeping everything on track = keeping your customers happy = keeping them coming back for more. When you always have the right amount of raw materials in stock, or ready to be delivered at the right time, you can forget about production holdups. The result? You always make your delivery deadlines and build your rep as the shop people can rely on.

Save time

Material and Inventory Control in JobBOSS can also save you a whole lot of hours as well as dollars. It removes the need to retype large bills of materials, so you cut down on data entry. And when you know exactly where you can find any part or material, you can forget about wasting  precious time searching around for it.

The material benefits

JobBOSS delivers complete visibility into your inventory. And this across-the-board clarity can play a key role in helping you maximize efficiency and minimize waste. All while helping you to maintain and enhance customer satisfaction – not to mention your bottom line too. Are you ready to see the light?



Topics: ERP, Software, JobBOSS, Shop Management, Material Management


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