Why The Cloud Is So Important To SMB Manufacturers

Topics: cost of doing business, Increase Job Shop Efficiency, ERP Software Integration, JobBOSS, Cloud ERP

Posted On Mar 14, 2018 2:49:40 PM by JobBOSS Team

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Cloud ERP makes it easier to run a shop at a lower cost.

Running a small manufacturing business can be rewarding, but it has its challenges. Going through loads of paperwork by hand just to complete an order for a part can be tedious and time-consuming. You want to run a smooth operation, but it is not easy. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions you see out there seem too expensive to get into and complex to put in place. There is another option: the cloud. Cloud ERP software is not some passing fad, but a way for SMB manufacturers to enter the 21st century and compete with larger companies. With ERP software like JobBOSS Cloud, you can make that happen.

Keep your cash flowing
One of the many reasons that cloud ERP is so effective for job shops, whether they do fabrication or machining, is that it's easier on cash flow. Unlike typical on-premise ERP software purchases that require a significant up-front investment, cloud ERP has the distinct advantage of allowing pay-as-you-go or monthly subscription payments. Instead of paying a significant amount of money to obtain the system, you can simply subscribe to the software as a service for a consistent and predictable monthly fee.

"Cloud ERP's affordability means you don't have to worry about your expenses."

By keeping the cost of the cloud ERP software to a minimum, you're able to avoid the large upfront capital expenditure. For a business that has a minimal cash flow, you're likely unwilling to take on anything that can easily disrupt that. ERP software, because it covers so many things, is by and large a capital investment, which is why it costs so much to purchase and then to implement into your business.

In addition, the hardware requirements for cloud-based ERP are inexpensive. You don't need a local server to run everything, nor are PCs with big connections required. In fact, you don't necessarily need a computer at all. All that's required is a device with an Internet connection to access the software. In theory, you can purchase several tablets and get nearly the same results in efficiency and productivity, at a fraction of the cost that you would get from a full-blown on-premise ERP solution with servers and multiple computers.

Take it easy
While the cost benefits are apparent, you may wonder what other benefits cloud ERP software has.  Well, for starters, everything you do by hand right now can be done automatically in the cloud. Does your customer want a change to his or her order? You can simply type in the change and it gets posted immediately to the shop floor, while the invoice is instantly altered to reflect the new information. More importantly, though, it presents opportunities for you to grow. 

When it comes to making choices about improving your operations, you can't go wrong with cloud ERP software. It is very inexpensive to purchase and use, yet you'll possess many of the tools the big guys have when it comes to your operations. As a company, you'll have a smooth production, invoicing and sales processes.

Learn more about the benefits of JobBOSS Cloud ERP today.

Topics: cost of doing business, Increase Job Shop Efficiency, ERP Software Integration, JobBOSS, Cloud ERP


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